Daily Play Online Gk Current Affairs Quiz Competition No 53

Q1 Who has become the first-ever batsman to score 3,000 runs in T-20I?
Q2 The centre has approved how much financial assistance for the kin of journalists who died due to COVID-19?
Q3 Researchers have found how many previously unknown bat coronaviruses in Southwestern China?
Q4 The Centre for Advanced Radiation Shielding and Geopolymeric Materials was inaugurated in which city?
Q5 Which nation will support Indian manufacturer Biological E’s efforts to produce 1 billion COVID-19 vaccines?
Q6 Who has become the first Indian fencer to qualify for the Olympics?
Q7 Which state/ UT government has approved Rs. 2 lakh interest-free loan for PMAY-U beneficiaries?
Q8 Who won the Grammy 2021 award in Record of the Year category?