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RD Sharma|Mathematics PDF

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This RD Sharma objective mathematics pdf free Is Divided Into Two Parts which is RD Sharma Objective Mathematics Volume 1 & Two Parts which is RD Sharma Objective Mathematics Volume 2.

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So Friends, First Read About The Basic Details & Then The Contents Covered In This RDSharma Objective Mathematics PDF Volume 1 & Volume 2. Then You Can Download This Book From The Link Given Below.

Important Details Of Mathematics By RD Sharma PDF (Both Volumes):

  • Name - RDSharma Objective Mathematics
  • Type - PDF
  • Language - English
  • Quality - Excellent
  • Pages – 1200
  • Size – 54 MB
  • Credits– "R. D. Sharma" & "Dhanpat Rai Publications"

Why You Must Read This Book:

  • Special Emphasis On Concept Building
  • Theory Illustrated Through MCQs
  • Problem Solving Techniques ThroughMCQs
  • Large Number Of Solved MCQs
  • Large Number Of 'Assertion-Reason' Type MCQs
  • Exercises Containing MCQs
  • Chapter-Test At The End Of Each Chapter

Contents Available In This Mathematics By RD Sharma PDF:

Part I - Algebraic inequalities, Logarithms, Miscellaneous equation and in equations, Logarithms, Mathematical reasoning, Set, Cartesian product of set and relations, Inequalities, Mathematical induction, Complex number, Probability, Sequence and series, Functions,

Quadratic expressions and equations, Exponential and logarithmic series, Permutation and combination, Matrices, Determinants, Discrete probability distribution, Binomial theorem, Cartesian coordinate system, Straight lines, Circle, Pairs of straight lines, Parabola, Ellipse, Hyperbola

Part II -Trigonometric ratio and identities, Properties of triangle and circles connected with them, Trigonometric equations and inequations, Solution of triangles, Inverse trigonometry function, Heights and Distances, Real Functions, Limits, Continuity and differentiability, Differentiation, Tangents and normal, Derivative as a rate measure,

Differentials Errors and Approximations, Mean Value theorem, Increasing and Decreasing Functions, Maxima & Minima, Indefinite Integral, Definite Integral, Area of Bounded Curve, Differential Equations, Algebra of Vectors, Scalar and Vector products of Two Vectors, Scalar and Vector products of Three Vectors, The plain and Straight-line in Space, Measures of central tendency, Measures of Dispersion

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