Pricing Your Course(s)

Your Web MentorzCourse(s) can be free or paid. Herein the term Course(s) refers to all the study materials which includes online live video classes (broadcast or interactive), pre-recorded video lectures, audio lectures, study notes (pdf, any document format), etc. If you would like to charge for your Course(s), the first step is to register (either as an individual Instructor or an Institute) on Web Mentorz. Once you have registered you can set the prices for your Course(s).

While you, the Instructor/Institute control the price of your Course(s), we do have market competitive price standards in order to ensure a consistent and intuitive pricing experience for students and also to help the Instructor(s)/Institute(s) boost their sale of Course(s) and increase the number of subscribers. We also offer guidance based on market competitive pricing data, in order to help you find the best price for your Course(s).

What You Need to Know:

  • Instructor(s)/Institute(s) can set prices for Course(s) on own their own, however if you need assistance you can contact support@webmentorz.com before setting up the price for your Course(s). Web Mentorz will get in touch with the Instructor/Institute before final publication of the Course(s) to provide help in setting up the price in order to match the market competitive price and help boosting the sale of Course(s), however your decision on price setting for Course(s) will be final.
  • While you can change the price of your Course(s) at any time, you can alsoopt from Free to Paid anytime upon your discretion. If you opt from free to paid and back to free (or vice versa) after the Course(s) is published, your promotional announcements for the Course(s) will be disabled for 7 working days for us to process and decide the eligibility of your course for promotion and make necessary corrections in our records for accounting purposes
  • Course(s) that you charge for on Web Mentorz cannot be offered for free on YouTube, you own site, other sites or any other online platform.

The Pan India Price Matrix

The pan India price tier matrix communicated to you via our support team includes the market competitive price data which you can select for your Course(s).

  • The price points advised to you by the support team are calculated using current market conditionsand are adjusted regularly.
  • Charm pricing options, where the price is set and displayed as ending in “9”, are also available.