The Hindu Newspaper Vocabulary Pdf 30-11-2019


Dear friends & competitive exam aspirants, welcome to, we have decided to provide The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Pdf Free Download on a daily basis.

The Hindu Daily Vocabulary Free Pdf Download

We have decided to provide you all with these Important English Vocabulary For Competitive Exams Pdf as it will help you all by strengthening your day to day English words in the various competitive exams for whichever you are preparing.

The exams in which these The Hindu Daily Vocabulary Pdf will prove useful are UPSC Civil Services (IAS), State Level Civil Services Or Public Service Commission (PSC) Exams, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, RBI Grade B, SSC Graduate Level Exams, Bank PO and Clerk, NDA, CDS, Railway, RRB, SSC, Bank, SBI, IBPS, SSC CGL and Other Competitive Exam, TGT and PGT Exam, MBA, Hotel Management, Airforce, NDA, Navy, CDS, SSC Or SSC CGL Or SSC CHSL, Delhi Police, Multitasking Staff, CAPFs, Constable GD & Many More.

So dear friends, let’s read today’s The Hindu Newspaper Vocabulary Pdf

Daily The Hindu Important Vocabulary 30th November 2019

1.PRECIPICE (NOUN): (खड़ी चट्टान): Steep

Synonyms: cliff, crag

Antonyms: plain, straight

Example Sentence: There was a deep precipice along the road.

2.CORDIAL (ADJECTIVE): (सौहार्दपूर्ण): Warm-hearted 

 Synonyms: affable, friendly

Antonyms: hostile, indifferent

Example Sentence: If you treat people in a cordial manner, they will treat you well also.

3.MUSTER (NOUN): (सभा): Assembly

 Synonyms: gathering, roster

Antonyms: division, separation

Example Sentence: They mustered at the playground.

4.JOSTLE (VERB): (संघर्ष करना): To compete for something

Synonyms: struggle, tussle

Antonyms: harmonize, co-ordinate

Example Sentence: He was jostling to clinch the title.

5.EFFETE (ADJECTIVE): (नष्ट बल /अशक्त): Self-indulgent

Synonyms: spoilt, destroyed

Antonyms: disciplined, proper

Example Sentence: He is an effete kid.

6.TUTELARY (ADJECTIVE): (संरक्षक): Protecting

  Synonyms: Guardian, advisory

Antonyms: careless, inattentive

Example Sentence: He was acting as a tutelary brother for me that day.

7.JIBE(VERB): (सहमत होना): To agree

Synonyms: harmonize, conform

Antonyms: disagree, differ

Example Sentence: I do not jibe with his idea.

8.TRANQUIL (ADJECTIVE): (शांतचित्त): peaceful

 Synonyms: calm, pastoral

Antonyms: agitated, aroused

Example Sentence: She wants to lead a tranquil life.

9.JOCULAR (ADJECTIVE): (विनोद-प्रिय): Funny

 Synonyms: humorous, playful

Antonyms: gloomy, sad

Example Sentence: I made a jocular statement at the party.

10.KIBBLE (VERB): (टुकड़े टुकड़े करना): Crush

Synonyms: crumble, grate

Antonyms: build, liberate

Example Sentence: I kibbled red black pepper and cheese in my dish.

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