India After Gandhi: A Book By Ramchandra Guha

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India After Gandhi: A Book By Ramchandra Guha

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Such a mind- absorbing entry here comes as India after Gandhi- An awesome book authored by Indian author Ramchandra Guha.

Introduction to the Book

The book describes the Post-Independence history of the world’s largest democracy enlightening the conditions of India especially after Mahatma Gandhi, also known as ‘Father of the Nation.’

Publisher: ‘India After Gandhi’ is published by PAN Books Publishers, INDIA.

About the Book

“Nobody could be more conscious than I am of the pitfalls which lie in the path of the man who wants to discover the truth about contemporary India.”
—-NIRAD CHAUDHURI, The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian(1950).

A Word About Prologue

The Unnatural Nation:

In the words of a famous poet Mirza Ghalib- a melancholy account states that ‘Hindustan has become the arena of the mighty whirlwind and the blazing fire’, after Gandhi.

An answer to this question was forthcoming. After the events of 1857, the Crown took over control of the Indian colonies. A sophisticated bureaucracy replaced the somewhat ad-hoc and haphazard administration of the old East India Company.

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As a laboratory of social conflict, the India of the twentieth century is – for the historian – at least as interesting as the Europe of the nineteenth. In both, the conflicts were produced by the conjunction of two truly transformative processes of social change: industrialization and the making of modern nation-states.

In India, the scope for contention has been even greater, given the diversity of competing groups across religion, caste, class, and language. Conflicts are also more visible in the subcontinent since, unlike nineteenth-century Europe, contemporary India is a democracy based on adult suffrage, with a free press and a largely independent judiciary.

At no other time or place in human history have social conflicts been so richly diverse, so vigorously articulated, so eloquently manifest in art and literature, or addressed with such directness by the political system and the media.


One way of summarizing the history of independent India – and the contents of this book – would be through a series of ‘conflict maps’. One might draw a map of India for each decade, with the conflicts then prevalent marked in various colours depending on their intensity.

The book is also useful to the readers in context to the examinations like SSC, and other Civil examinations where history is asked as a subject or as in General knowledge.

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Let us see some other details ofIndia After Gandhi By Ramchandra Guha Bookand it’s contents or index.

Contents / Index Of India After Gandhi

  • Prologue: Unnatural Nation
    • Freedom and Parricide
    • The Logic of Division
    • Apples in the Basket
    • A Valley Bloody and Beautiful
    • Refugees and the Republic
    • Ideas of India
    • The Biggest Gamble in History
    • Home and the World
    • Redrawing the Map
    • The Conquest of Nature
    • The Law and the Prophets
    • Securing Kashmir
    • Tribal Trouble
    • The Southern Challenge
    • The Experience of Defeat
    • Peace in Our Time
    • Minding the Minorities
    • War and Succession
    • Leftward Turns
    • The Elixir of Victory
    • The Rivals
    • Autumn of the Matriarch
    • Life Without the Congress
    • Democracy in Disarray
    • This Son also Rises

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    • Rights
    • Riots
    • Rulers
    • Riches
    • A People’s Entertainments
  • Epilogue: Why India Survives
  • Acknowledgments

Details Of India After Gandhi By Ramchandra Guha Pdf

  • Name – India After Gandhi – The History Of The World’s Largest Democracy By Ramchandra Guha
  • Type – Pdf
  • Language – English
  • Quality – Excellent (Not Scanned By Webmnetorz.com)
  • Pages – 770
  • Size – 3 MB
  • Credits – ‘Ramchandra Guha’ & ‘PAN Books’
  • Scanned By – ‘unknown’

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